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A marketing strategy tells you what to say, how to say it and who to say it to in order to make more sales. Our guide to the basics.

Market your business online - from your website to social networking, advertising, search engine optimisation, email marketing and more.

The basics you need to know about raising your business profile through advertising, and how to make sure your campaigns are successful.

Focusing on taking care of your existing customers could be much better for your bottom line than chasing new business. The basics of customer care.

No business can survive without selling. Our overview of planning your sales strategy and recruiting, training and managing sales staff.

Get the basics right - our quick guide to the main types of market research and how to get the information you need no matter what your budget.

Direct marketing is ideal for small businesses as it's highly targeted, cost-effective and simple to DIY. Our guide to how to get started.

Start here - find out how attending and displaying at exhibitions and events can benefit your business, and learn how to build your network.


The basic things you need to know about PR for your business, building relationships with the media and managing the impact of publicity.

13 December 2017
Managing customer phone calls over Christmas and New Year can be challenging. Clever solutions from Dave Millett so you can enjoy the festivities.
11 December 2017
Niche marketing works because it allows you to target messages that engage the emotions. Shweta Jhajharia warns against trying to appeal to everyone.
4 December 2017
Most of us get our news and information via smartphones and other devices; but research shows that people spend longer reading printed material.
28 November 2017
Just how special is your unique selling proposition (USP)? Shweta Jhajharia suggests three ways to test your USP in order to improve it.
17 November 2017
The internet has revolutionised the way we do business, giving us a way to reach millions of customers directly via websites, email and social media.
17 November 2017
With thousands of new websites created every day, search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential if you want to maximise online traffic and responses.
16 November 2017
A great website is essential for any small firm; but you need to keep updating and improving it if you want it to work hard for your business.
14 November 2017
SEO is about more than keywords and link-building. Site speed, user experience (UX) and content are all key factors in an effective SEO strategy.
9 November 2017
Online marketing can be time-consuming and costly for small firms with limited resources. Online advertising tools like SeeLocal can help.
8 November 2017
The right packaging design is critical to the success of your product. But are you making any of these five mistakes with your product packaging?

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